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Client Testimonials, Inc. had called upon Oscar Delatorre for his expertise in Forensic technology on a case which required his expertise in computers. He was very professional and always replied promptly and professionally to our requests for information. His expertise greatly assisted our client in their criminal case and we look forward to future case with Mr. Delatorre.

Jane R. Leavy, R.N., Esq.


Rick Triana

Triana Fence

We aren't a massive data center or have 50 computers, in fact, we install fences. But Leo from Detekted treated us fairly and went to work fast as if we had a lot. I appreciate their professionalism and friendship. We look forward to working with them again and will tell others that they are a great choice for their IT needs.  Great job guys!

Ricky Triana,

Triana Fence, Homestead FL

Laura Ure


Detekted is the only company I trust to touch our IT. Our server is the most importnat piece of equipment we have. They are gifted at what they do and always provide the best advice. I don't make any decicions without running it by them first. 

~ Laura Ure / CEO