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With over 30 years of IT experience, we have developed the perfect system to maintain your overall network. Located in the heart of Miami, we will do everything to ensure all of your IT needs are met with exemplary service.
Law firms in particular have specific needs as far as data backup and protection, regardless of the size of the firm. Smaller firms dont always have the resources to pay for an in-house IT person or support, making it even more difficult to find someone they can trust, rely on, and get personalized service. Whether you have a small firm with five computers, or a mid-size firm with 50 computers, our team has you covered.
Protect your data
Data protection is key in law firms with sensitive information. This information needs to be protected from intruders, and it needs to be properly backed up in case of an emergency. Both of these services are ongoing, and you should have a team by your side that you can trust to handle these services.
Network protection is evolving every day. Software is constantly being updated, and you need an experienced team to watch over your network for suspicious activity or to stop an intruder before it becomes a problem. Not having this protection could result in negative situations where classified information is obtained by an outsider, including the personal information of your clients. Its much more costly and time-consuming to fix the problem than to properly manage and mitigate the risk.


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